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Cheryl has provided transcription services since the introduction of tape recorders at police stations. She covers all police audio tapes, videos, CDs and DVDs. Given that she is a police station rep. she has at times alerted client firms to critical incidents on tape.

Subject to the number and quality of tapes we would guarantee a turnaround of 5 working days from delivery of the tape(s). It is almost invariably sooner. Regularly, in an urgent case, Cheryl works overnight to turn it around immediately. All transcripts are then emailed.

In an urgent or sensitive case, we would prefer delivery to our office but pick up and drop off can be undertaken by us if necessary.

Our rates are £2.20 per minute, which is the rate set by the LAA and of course prior authority is required but contact us if you get a better quote. Private rates are £3.40 per minute.

Crown Court Preparation:

Cheryl prepares cases at a fee to be agreed. The work done invariably and voluntarily exceeds what firms now tend to do under the standard fees regime. Clients and counsel like this. She regularly attends hearings to assist and this is included in the price.

All files compliant with your systems and subject to any reviews you require.

Attend at court as a solicitor’s representative on a one off basis.


Ancillary Services:

Attending prisons etc. to take instructions or statements.

Sitting with counsel at prisons.

Site inspections, photographs etc. on prior authority.

Temping services as paralegal (crime) or legal secretary.

We would request payment within 14 days of delivery of papers and invoice.


We have over 30 years experience of working in the Manchester legal system providing:
- Police Station Attendance
- Magistrates Court Advocacy and Representation
- Crown Court Advocacy
- Legal Transcriptions and support services
- Legal Transcriptions and support services:

Mobile: 07771-891090
Office: 0161-491-4246
Support: 07785-557732