Magistrates CourtMagistrates Court

Vic will cover all courts in Greater Manchester. We charge half “the legal aid rates” including travel and waiting. We also charge mileage and parking.

Outside Greater Manchester, we would prefer only to do trials or other longer hearings but would undertake a hearing for you if it was an emergency or if it was of importance to your client or your firm. We recognise the problems in getting agents in Macclesfield, for example.

We will provide full and contract friendly attendance and preparation notes. You will not receive a prep. note consisting of “preparation for trial-3 hours” without the notes of preparation to accompany it.

Fully completed and contract compliant forms if you require this.

Legal Aid forms will be completed as fully as possible and the client will be informed as to the information or documents he needs to provide.

We will report by telephone immediately after the Court hearing if required. Where it is out of hours we will report at open of business.

A written report will be emailed to you within 24 hours or overnight if the defendant is in custody.

All papers will be with you within 2 working days.

We will complete your file folder and opening documents, if you require this.

If you required the taking of proofs, statements of witnesses, analysis of prosecution documents or any other preparation, we will attend to that.

We will complete all pro forma forms required.

We would be happy to discuss the matters with you out of hours. Similarly with the client if you required this.

We would request payment within 14 days of delivery of papers and invoice.

We have over 30 years experience of working in the Manchester legal system providing:
- Police Station Attendance
- Magistrates Court Advocacy and Representation
- Crown Court Advocacy
- Legal Transcriptions and support services
- Legal Transcriptions and support services:

Mobile: 07771-891090
Office: 0161-491-4246
Support: 07785-557732